ITALIAN XS is a leader company that from over 20 years deals, at national and international level,  with high-quality and reliable products for cleaning and stain removing, for the protection and the maintenance of marble, stone, granite, beton, terracotta, quartzite, travertine, grits, limestone, sandstone, stoneware...

We claim a total care service:

- We analyze and study for free the materials to find solutions requested by architects, designers and operators of the sector.

- Customer Service: XSTONE  assists you from the pre installation to the final treatment and  to the following maintenance. 
- A XSTONE technician can teach to your operators the correct use of our products.

- A XSTONE team can assure you the result of the intervention in Italy and offshore.

We are a landmark for every operator of this sector.

XS is experience, professionalism, availability, rapidity, customization, simplicity, continuing research, high-quality and assistance! 

We will help you with all the passion that bounds us at this sector...You won't be disappointed!